I MOVED TO L.A.! (!!!)



Hello good afternoon. I have some big news.

I now live in Los Angeles. Casual!


And it is the greatest. thing. ever. in. the. entire. world. Living here. Living my dream here.

I was dying to share the news and was literally bursting at the seams with excitement, the minute I knew it was happening, but was waiting until I was here and everything was settled until I shared the news. I wanted to announce it the minute I left my job in DC, because at that point it was REAL; and then when it was my last day at work at the job I’d had for five years and I was sobbing with emotions because woah, that moment was big; and then when we came out to L.A. to apartment and job hunt, and then when I GOT MY NEW JOB (!!!!! – which was the single best and most definitive moment of my life, I jumped up and down so hard with so much excitement that I banged my knee into a door handle and had a bruise for 2 weeks). And then WHEN WE SIGNED OUR NEW LEASE (!!!), and then when we packed up our place and I got on a ONE-WAY FLIGHT TO L.A., and hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan. Lol jk but like literally that to a T. Like I literally got off the plane with a button-down sweater and my dream. Just kidding I think it was a pull-over sweatshirt that said “Ballin,'” but it also very well may have been a cardigan, I can’t remember.

But then I was here, and starting work and thrust into the busyness that is beginning a new job and new life after moving across the country, and I just haven’t really had the time to do what I would have wanted to all along, which is write an epic blogpost and share the news on Facebook and Instagram. It’s so weird that it’s already been over 2 months now because I REALLY REALLY REALLY just wanted to share it!!!!!! It must be what people who are pregnant and can’t announce it until 3 months in feel like. There were 40 different times that I wanted to just be like HOLY SHIT I’M FINALLY DOING IT GUYS!!!!!!! I’M FUCKING MOVING TO L.A.!!!!!!!!!! AND I HAVE A FUCKING SWEET NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! But life got in the way.

Guys, L.A.


TODAY IS NOVEMBER 15TH. (*update from the future, I wrote this on Saturday (the 15th) and then made updates and now it’s the 19th at like 2 in the morning so who knows what tense I’m writing this from anymore – back to the 15th**** and scratch that it is now currently November 23rd— haha case in point on how busy life is, I can’t even get a blogpost up that I wrote 8 days ago and then updated on the 19th and now again on the 23rd, Jesus HOW HAS IT BEEN 8 DAYS since I sat down to write this – back to the 15th for now):

And today  it was so fucking hot as I walked to pick up my dry cleaning that I took my TISSUE-THIN hoodie that I was wearing off to walk around in a tank top, and was so hot that I WOULD have walked around in a bikini top if that was something I would be allowed to do. Literally that’s how hot I was. The sun was baring down on me and I was sweating and I wanted to be in a bikini. It’s November fucking 15th – my boyfriend has been telling me how FREEZING it has been in D.C. Everyone who knows me keep saying how good it is that I got out when I did because of how MIZ I would be in the cold weather. And I’m like well yeah, that’s how I planned it. I WAS NOT DOING ANOTHER WINTER IN D.C., period. I’d hit my wall. That was it. I legit refused to live through another winter. COULD. NOT. DO. IT. #NOMOREWINTER. And I was ready to finally live my dream, to make the leap, to leave the job I’d had for 5 years that though incredible and formative and forever one of the most important things and periods in my life, was not what I was supposed to be doing in life and wasn’t my passion or the industry I LOVE and was meant to be in.

I will write another blogpost some time, about kind of….the process of how it all went. The decision, the planning, the logistics of moving, selling/not selling our stuff, how we did it, the saving money, being prepared to live off savings for a bit while I job searched and lived unemployed which only ended up being like 2 weeks during which time period I had my best friend’s wedding, 1 week to job and apartment hunt, and then I got my job, and packed up our place. Getting an awesome new job made things so much easier but also moving is the most expensive thing in the entire world and we left basically everything behind in D.C. so I basically have no money left because I basically just started my entire life over again. Like I own nothing.

I’m not gonna lie that the first 2 weeks of starting a new life out here weren’t incredibly hard. THAT’S a whole other blogpost too. I cried, it was hard, moving across the COUNTRY to begin a new life is fucking *SCARY* and HARD. Emotionally, logistically, I had some lows for sure. I mean it’s the ballsiest, most courageous thing I’ve ever done. I was racked with anxiety leading up to and throughout all of it, for sure. Change is hard, moves are hard, the unknown is hard, starting new jobs is hard. I moved here alone, and for 2 weeks it was just like when you travel to a foreign country. I was displaced. I had/have no friends, was going to work and coming home to an unfamiliar place with nothing “set up” and new jobs are always tough at first because there is just SO much to learn and you don’t have the hang of things yet.

So it was overwhelming, but every time I felt even remotely lonely or scared, I would look up and see THE HILLS and my soul would just SWIM. Sing, dance, fly, I would feel like I was flying.


I will never, ever, ever, ever get over the topography of this place. It’s not JUST the weather, or the warmth, or the yellow sun and blue skies, it’s the terrain. It’s the fucking. HILLS. Driving down a street and seeing those mountains peppered with white mansions and palm trees…. it’s just my visual dream. This is why I loved Barcelona so FUCKING much and why these 2 places will always be my 2 favorite cites ON THE GLOBE. An artistic city with hills and mountains, and the sea. Both–both hills and sea, and a vibrant, thriving, artistic, creative, cultural city right in the middle of it. I mean are you kidding me? There’s nothing better.




Today (back at the 19th of November)…..I….let me digress here for a minute, if you will, it’s like I have post-traumatic stress disorder from cold weather. Because like, at a very non-arguable, factual, rational level, I’m a human being who understands how weather works. Like….it’s a different season in Argentina and Australia and all over the world there is snow SIMULTANEOUSLY while there is burning heat, in two different places at the same time. Yet….I still just can’t believe it. That such varying weather can coexist at the same moment in time. Like, all I heard about last night on the news and from other people, was how cold it was going to be in D.C./N.Y.C. this morning. And when I woke up, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed seeing photos of people saying how fucking freezing they were and how frigid and cold and rainy it was. And like…….I felt cold. I LITERALLY COULDN’T believe that I could walk out my front door here in California and that it wouldn’t be cold. I put on a cozy fuzzy sweater that I own and was like, cold. And then I got out to go into work and was walking down the sidewalk…in a knitted maxi dress and cropped fuzzy sweater, and it was sunny, and hot, and human beings were walking towards me in tank tops, and it was like, I felt safe to like mentally trust that IT REALLY ISN’T COLD HERE. Literally it’s like post-traumatic stress. I feel like a scared little child that like doesn’t believe the monster is really gone and peeks its head out ever so tentatively and someone has to pet me and soothe me and be like “it’s okay little one, you’re safe here, I’m not going to hurt you, it really is sunny and warm, I PROMISE.” That soother being the California sun. It’s like shhhhh it’s okay, breathe. This takes me back to my earlier post I wrote about how winter LITERALLY IS ABUSIVE. It’s an abusive season. It attacks you and wears you down and destroys your confidence and is brutal and frigid and harsh and destructive and soul-killing and every person who stays behind and continues to tolerate and put up with winter even though they have the power and the free will and the choice to leave is…a victim to its terror. California sun is just like, I got you baby, put on those shades, we cool we cool. California sun is tha shittttttttt.

And every day since that day it has continued to look and feel like this:

photo (1)


A few other things:

I chopped my hair off! YAY!!!



I’d been waiting until my best friends’ wedding was over, because I wanted the pictures to look like me and not be some like, radical edgy new cut, and then I waited until I had my job interview, because I wanted to feel like myself for that too, and then for my first day of work, because that too, and then the Saturday after my first week of work I did it! I got a LOB by the amazing Nicole Wood at Andy LeCompte who is my favorite person ever and #LOBLYFE is the best life!



And after!


I am OBSESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED with our new place. Both of us knew it was “the one” the SECOND we stepped into it.

Bathroom selfie





I’m super into copper these days. It happened without me knowing it, all of a sudden I was just into copper. Not gold not silver, but copper. So cute right? Copper, so hot right now.


Love my organized jewelry on my skeleton trays. Those babies have been with me for 5 years.


Me and Alex’s first dinner in our new place – I’ll tell you more about the stuff we brought vs. left behind, but the turquoise overdyed kilim came, and I picked out this $99 round white glass coffee table from Ikea that I have no words to capture my love for.


And my new closet!!!






I walk EVERYWHERE (I don’t have a car, and I love it – more on that later), and I walk from our place to all of my favorite places and went exploring today and discovered Luca on Sunset where Luca, of Luca on Sunset, just like hangs out being adorable and shaking everyone’s hand and being Luca. I thought how nice it was when he personally asked if I’d been helped or not yet (since apparently customer service is so lacking these days that someone asking me if I’ve been helped STRUCK me as being kind), and I didn’t even realize he was Luca, and then this old woman called “LUCA!” over to her table and I was like oh that polite gentleman is THE Luca of Luca on Sunset, and then the woman started talking about how she and her son-in-law want to set his 1-year-old baby (her grandkid) up with Luca’s daughter and asking Luca how old his daughter is these days and then I realized Luca is super legit because he’s the kind of proprietor that interacts with customers so much that hey know about his daughter and jokingly want to set their 1-year-old-baby up with her, and then like 4 more customers came in and all talked to Luca and I was like wow this Luca guy is REALLY special and then he walked me out and held the door for me and I was like Luca’s on Sunset is my fave place ever.

I also love shopping here because it looks like this:



^^ SICK new Dolce Vita boots I got on saaaaale, Bloomingdales shoe sales are the BEST.

That’s that.

A lot more to share in due time. Like a LOT. This is the biggest life change I think I’ll ever make! This was a HUGE huge moment and move and difficult and life-defining year for me, and the benefits and happiness and fulfillment and rewards of scary change are worth every ounce of anxiety, stress, fear, doubt, and confusion, you just have to do it, there’s no other way to live life. As my wise wise wise friend Anna always says, “proceed. proceed.” One foot in front of the other. Ain’t nowhere to go but forward.

This weekend I watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the Sex and The City movie + tv marathon, and House of DVF (my new favorite show ever), so basically girliest TV marathon ever and just loving life. There is basically nothing better than old Sex and the City episodes, reality TV, and chips for dinner. Also I saw, made eye contact with, smiled at, and said hello to Aaron Paul in life for coffee today at Alfred, so there’s that. JESSE. Gaddddd it took every ounce of trembling restraint not to be like, h-h-hi bitch. hi. But instead I pretended like he was just another human waiting DIRECTLY BEHIND ME in line with his friend. BUT HE WASN’T. (!!!!!!!!!!!) I’ve also stared directly into the eyes of Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, E from Entourage, Pete Wentz, Jeff Goldblum, and spoken to Jessica Lang. JESSICA LANG. WE SPOKE on a sidewalk and she looks 10 years younger in real life – YOUNGER than on television. Sean Penn is the single most attractive human being I have ever laid eyes on. Terrifyingly attractive. That is all.



He is SO. SO. SO. SO. SO. good looking. You feel scared. Like the beauty is so real that it’s alarming. The only way your body knows how to process it is by engaging your fear mechanisms. It puts you on ALERT.

Talk soon ya’ll!!!!! ❤ Thanks for keeping up with and caring about my life, I’m really happy and lucky to have you as readers and thanks for waiting for more posts while I got settled here! You’re the best! xoxox


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6 responses to “I MOVED TO L.A.! (!!!)

  1. Semo

    Wow congrats! I was wondering where you have been on the blog scene. I recently made a big move myself and it can be scary/nerve wracking/a “WTF am I doing moment” so good for you! Even though I don’t actually know you I’m super excited for you- Ha ha I’m sure you’ll kill it there.

  2. Congrats Alina! I’m one of those crazy people who reads blogs she loves obsessively — I literally sat down and read most of your blog archives one day just because I really enjoy your writing and your energy! Native Marylander here so I HEAR YA on the weather thing.

    I actually haven’t lived with TRUE (like snow) winter in four years — I did a year in NorCal (though it’s still hella cold) where I met my man, and I’ve been in Texas since.

    I actually just visited LA for the first time in October and really liked it. I stayed in Santa Monica and the sunshine, the energy I feel there — I don’t feel that specific type of energy (like, I could do ANYTHING I WANT ) anywhere else but California. Might live there again one day, who knows!

    So, again, congrats from a blog reader/Instagram follower! Can’t wait to hear about the details behind your move because I’m a nerd and I love learning about people’s lives. 🙂

  3. morgan

    This is so awesome! Welcome to LA! I have read your blog for a while now, and I am so excited to read about your discoveries and adventures here in my home city. I live in Santa Monica, which as you know isn’t too far from your new ‘hood. So please know you have a friend/reader nearby and I am here to help if you need anything or need a new friend! 🙂

  4. SO exciting! I’ve been following your blog + instagram for awhile now and as a native angelino I was SO stoked when I saw that you moved here. west coast is absolutely the best fucking coast, no doubt, and I can’t wait to see you write about your new life in LA! so stoked for you. LA is the besssssst!

  5. WELCOME TO LA!!!! I have been waiting for this post for WEEKS! I am so excited you are here, not only bc I want us to be friends, but also because YOU ARE SO LA. (And as a born and raised LA native I feel qualified to determine who is and isnt LA.). Girl, you ARE. You get it. I am thrilled for your new life and job and future out here. Now can you just email me so we can go get a coffee and be IRL pals?!

  6. Ana B

    Babe!!!!! This is sooooo much! I’m totally living vicariously through you as I watch the rain and the snow through my window., blah! So happy for you and a million congrats and best of luck and I wanna visit! Xo!

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