Navigating life through hyperbole-colored glasses 

Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Alina Gonzalez and I’m a content creator with 10+ years in the digital space, specializing in lifestyle verticals.  I hail from Refinery 29, Clique Media Group (Who What Wear, Byrdie, and MyDomaine), and most recently served as the Editorial Director of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I’ve freelanced for The Zoe Report, brands such as H&M, Maybelline, and DL1961, and am currently writing for Violet Grey. In addition to my greatest loves fashion and beauty, I love music, food, film, art, design, and pugs.

I was born and raised in Washington, D.C., went to college at Dartmouth, majored in History, studied abroad in Barcelona, and currently live in Los Angeles where I plan to spend the rest of my life.

I exclusively and unintentionally speak in hyperbole – a trait which garnered me the nickname “Hyperbalina” in high school. I later used that to form my blog/brand name TheHyperbalist. “Hyperbole is just a synonym for passion” — me.

(sometimes my humor doesn’t translate through writing, but that quote is a joke. I think the idea of quoting yourself with some vague, meaningless drivel, like “dance like nobody’s watching,” and then signing it with a ‘dash – me’ is hilarious. But hyperbole really is a synonym for passion. -me)






14 responses to “About

  1. ummm OMG! i love your blog AND your from DC too??????? too excited right now 🙂

  2. awww I JUST saw this comment for some reason, I feel so bad I didn’t respond earlier- THANK YOU! i am so glad you like what you see and happy to have you reading! xx

  3. Ravyn

    just found your blog after looking up some of Denis’ work to show off to my friends… (also my colorist, who I absolutely adore because he really is as awesome as you’ve described) anyway, you make me want to blog too! I read a bunch of your posts and never got bored! A-Mazing. Go Alina!

  4. alex

    “deep respect for intellectual values?!” are you a sacred heart schools grad? props for repping goal #2 from a fellow (albeit californian) shs alumna.

      haha yes I totally won the goal 2 award in 6th grade- best moment of my life. All downhill since then haha : )

  5. mb

    LOVE your blog. sending xo’s from venice, california.

    • aww thank you that makes me SIGHHHH!!! So dreamily. I want to live in Venice!! I couldn’t dream of a better place to get xo’s from : ) back at you even though DC doesn’t compare.

  6. ah, i still love it. i used to live there.

    • hah yeah I love it too but I worship the sun and a palm tree, so concrete government buildings and the potomac river could never truly rival Palms and the Pacific : ) but DC’s of course such a beautiful city which I feel sentimental for every time I drive across one of the bridges where you can see The Kennedy Center and the monuments and Georgetown all at once and it’s so picturesque and clean and impressive. If only Venice and DC could be next to one another then I’d have it all, but alas, they couldn’t be any further apart!

  7. I live in CA and would love to move to DC!

    Pretty picture.

  8. hilary

    You might be my new favorite blogger, and I think we would be best friends! haha Im also sure a lot of other creepy/weird/annoying girls think they’d be your best friend too, but hey, worht a shot! I love that you’re from DC though since I’m only about 10 minutes away in VA. It’s also cool that you’re a Dartmouth grad. My brother was a ’10! I’m so glad my friend Max (he’s obsessed with DC and stumbled across your apartment therapy article and thought I would enjoy it. He was right. I guess that means he’s a pretty decent friend.) introduced me to you and your blog. I can’t wait to read more, because I think we are style soul mates 🙂

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