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3 responses to “Contact

  1. Elizabeth Schalk(my real name)

    Hey Doll,
    I am sending you my trunk show info. Hope you can make it, the bargains are no joke. I am also selling a lot of one-of-a-kind samples that are exactly your size. You still wanna model cause this coat I am making is badass. I have spring ’12 pics if youre interested. Let me know if you can’t open.
    Bye Bye for now pretty,
    Kim Schalk/Users/kimmyschalk/Documents/ Trunk Show Bikram Yoga 8:20:11 pdf.pdf

  2. Aki

    Oye Alina– it’s your wonderful cousin Aki here 🙂 so I was sitting with your pops visiting abuela and I asked about contacting you and he mentioned you had this blog. WHAT THE FUCK. How did I not realize this?? Seriously. Okay so after spending two hours reading while my primary intention was to just contact you immediately- I couldn’t help but remember so many things about you from when you’d visit on your trips to Miyayo! Like how you replay songs over and over again and how we’d make smoothies in Jimmy Buffets old crib and so fourth. Also how good of a shopper you actually are. Oh, and how you like to independently do things alone- were one in the same on that one ma. Oh oh and how you like to cut out magazines and put dem in some bible.. Word. Anywayz, I miss you to death! I hope you’re doing beautifully and that life is treating you well. If you ever come across time to do some sort of road trip wit ya girl- Holla!! I can drink now LOL. Otherwise, just text me or email me or something. I guess I’ll leave my number here ? 850-443-8403.

    P.S. You’re so damn Cuban mama, I liked dat salted butter comment you made. Dale.


  3. Agnes Mührer

    Hey, I’m not sure whether or not your PD has cleared up by now (hopefully!!) but in the case it hasn’t I just thought I could tell you how I’m treating it. I’ve been having it for months and just doing the “wrong things” that caused it to spread and… blah blah you get the point 🙂 If it’s of any interest I have Chrons Disease so I, too “suffer” from a bad stomach.

    So since I’m really sick of getting advices from doctors and trying out really horrible medicines I turned to mother nature, and I think it has gotten better already with dabbing ACV on the spots! (Its been like, eh, twelve hours, BUT the itching has stopped!)
    Maybe this is really old news for you, but actually I think that it has already improved and if I could be of any help for you then it would be awesome. I’m just going to show you the link so you can read for yourself!!


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